Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is Why Ohio

The Ohio birthday party was a huge success! We had


tasty grilled ribs

and guests who wore cute shoes.

We ate cake

and more cake!

We also had a tornado warning! As we arrived at my SIL's house, sirens were blasting. Being New Yorkers, hubster and I first thought of car alarms.

It became dark and windy outside. The guests began to eye the cellar door and a plan was being hatched on what food and drink to grab. But, it passed. No tornado--just a thunderstorm. Soon it was sunny and the tornado became just a good story to tell.

In the evening, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and moon.

And to make the birthday even more special, the moonflowers bloomed for the first time.

My SIL has a doormat that reminded me of a knitting project I plan to start.


sherriknits said...

I'm glad you had fun!
The doormat was cute....I know how it is when you're dying to start something new...you see it everywhere!

margaret in manhattan said...

great pix! welcome back ... buzz .....

StringPlay said...

I don't think I've ever seen a moonflower. Very pretty. That doormat is a good omen!

Linda said...

I love moonflowers. I had a bush at my last house. The fragrance filled my backyard in the evenings. Don't know why I didn't bring a pod with me to plant here.

Sounds like you and hubster had a great time in Columbus.