Thursday, August 2, 2007

DC Decisions

No, not "Who's it gonna be in 2008?" decisions

Much more interesting stuff--on-the-road knitting activities!

Next week, I'll be going to Washington DC for a few days to enjoy the heat and humidity. Taking the train there and back. Staying in a hotel. Hanging out with friends in the evenings. Doing nothing during the (hot and humid) days.

Will I do the sights? I doubt it. Been there, done that.

Besides, geez, I live in NYC. I HATE getting out and about *here* in the summer. Too hot and too crowded with folks from Oshkosh who block the sidewalks. I love being holed up in my dark, cool cave of an apartment when the people from Peoria are trooping around town with their cameras and fanny packs. ***

Why would it be anything different in Washington?
Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s. Lots of tourists. Plenty of humidity.

So, now it's decision time.

Yarn stores to visit? Any daytime knitting groups?
Anyone have any suggestions? They have to be accessible by Metro or (better yet) cab. I don't mind traveling to the suburbs.

What knitting to bring?
Forest Canopy Shawl--maybe.
Victorian Lace Shawl--might be good for train knitting.
Tabloid Socks--would really like to finish them
Something new? Hmmmmmm. . . . . Maybe some cotton socks?

Is there any can't-be-missed sight that I should put on the fanny pack for?

(***Love ya, tourists! I really, really do.)


sherriknits said...

I wouldn't mind trooping around NYC w/a camera around my neck, but when I do, I will be polite and not block your way. :)

Take them all, it is sure to be that if you leave one home, that will be the one you wish you had!

Jane said...

Stop by Stitch DC (Capitol Hill, Georgetown or Chevy Chase) for your high-end yarn fix.

Bethesda has a nice yarn shop, Knit+Stitch=Bliss, and it's easy to get there on the Metro.

Have a wonderful trip! I lived there for most of m life, and I sure don't miss August!

charli said...

I think I've been to all the LYS within 20 miles of DC. My favorite is in Old Town, Alexandria, which is accessible by Metro if you don't mind walking a bit (which as a NYer, you think is normal). It's called Springwater Fiber Arts Studio and it's a co-op. They have a fair, not huge selection of yarn, but they have very good prices and very nice people volunteering to ring you up. Nearby is Knit Happens, which is pricey and often snooty, and has a fair amount of expensive yarns. Within DC, itself there are 3, all owned by the same woman. It's called Stitch DC. The biggest and therefore the location with the most variety, is a block or 2 from the Eastern Market metro. There's another one in the hear of Georgetown and the third, which I've never been to is in Chevy Chase.

There's also an "organic" store that has a very small yarn selection, but what they have is nice. It's between 15th and 16th Street, NW and I think it's on Church Street. Or else on Corcoran. I think "Green" is in the name. It's about 2 blocks from the Whole Foods on P Street, NW.

enjoy the heat and humidity!

charlizeen AT ya HOO

StringPlay said...

Looking forward to the report when you return. Looks like you've been given some good suggestions. Stay cool and hydrated!

datatech57 said...

Another yarn shop to consider is Uniquities. It is in Vienna, Virginia, and is nowhere near a Metro stop. But you could take a cab!

As far as knitting groups go, check out They have quite a list!

Also, my (ahem) Yahoo group lists meetings in Northern Virginia, some not far from Metro.

Knit on!