Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hermit Crab Scarf

Poor Lacy Baktus! I keep giving it nicknames. For a while, it was the Traffic Cone Scarf. And, for an evening, it was the Derek Jeter Scarf.

But it's now the Hermit Crab Scarf since it outgrew the bag I was keeping it in.

Not to worry, though. It found a new bag to snuggle into.

Both bags were made by the multi-talented Sonja!


minipurl said...

Sonja makes bags?? They're great...and I love the hermit crab baktus.

stringplay said...

Shall I hurry and put a drawstring casing in a pillowcase and overnight it up there?? How big is good old L.B. getting? Still love how it looks.

Susan said...

Adorable bags! It does look like a hermit crab.