Wednesday, November 4, 2009

L is for

Lenny's. ****

There are three delis within two blocks of our apartment--but Lenny's is the one on speedial.

Started in the late 80s by Lenny--a young guy from Korea --there's 12 Lenny's all over Manhattan. But mine was the first.

Whenever I make noises about wanting to move out of NYC, all my hubster has to ask is, "What about Lenny's?" and I get back to reality. There's plenty of things I could leave behind--but never Lenny's!

The sandwiches are terrific--fresh and well-made. Jimmy T (grilled chicken with mozzarella and onions), Mikey (grilled roast beef with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion--hold the cheese), #2 Italian (salami, provolone, cappicola and all the fixings) , H-1 (real turkey with dressing and cranberry sauce)--all my faves. Plus they have breakfast and entrees.

What can be in the wrapper?

(Lenny's and I have nothing to do with each other--I'm just a customer. A very well-fed customer.)

**** I'm way, way, way behind in the ABC Along 2009. But I'm determined to catch up and finish in time. My focus of this ABC Along is NYC and NYS.


Susan said...

The food in NYC is the best!

stringplay said...

I'd order the #2. Sounds delicious. I always have serious Lenny-envy.

minipurl said...

Lenny's? Sounds like a must-see. And then must eat!

Iron Needles said...

Thanks to this post (and the time change) it is only 10:30 and I am starving!