Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

It's ten days till Thanksgiving and I have half of my contribution to the meal ready.

We're having a small Thanksgiving feast this year. Only four people. I'm responsible for the turkey (and gravy), plain baked sweet potatoes (Some of us like them without a thing on them.), cranberry sauce (C'mon--admit it--canned is the best!) and wine.

I'm hardly in the same class as those who start baking their pumpkin pies in July--but, ready is ready.


stringplay said...

I'm with you on the canned cranberry sauce (even though I never touch the stuff). WHO could resist pie for 6 months?? Hard to believe it is almost T-Day.

minipurl said...

Yummy.....canned cranberry sauce. Back in the 80's, pregnant with my first child and teaching in a small elementary school, I developed a craving for a frozen concoction served up in our cafeteria: a mixture of canned cranberry sauce, apple juice, lemonade.
Memories....... :)

Susan said...

Lucky you! And my family likes the canned stuff the best, too.