Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yarn on the Train

I travelled to the Knitters Review Retreat in Williamstown, MA with my friend Sandy. I took the NJ Transit train over to New Jersey where Sandy picked me up. We then drove north. Talked too much and got turned around in Pittsfield, MA--but we made it to Williamstown without too much fuss.

Returning, we talked too much and made a detour to Albany, NY. But we quickly righted ourselves (Thanks to a phone call to the hubster.) and headed south to New Jersey. I then took the NJ Transit train back to NYC.

For an entire weekend, I knitted, talked about knitting, fondled yarn, talked about yarn, admired the knitting that people wore/were knitting, talked about patterns. So by the time I was on the train back home, I thought I was all-knitted out and took out my Kindle to read for the hour-long trip.

But a woman got on the train. Sat across from me. She had tote bags. In one of the tote bags, I spied green yarn and a knitted afghan. I tried to ignore it. But then she began frogging something green.

I couldn't resist--I had to ask, "What's that you're frogging?"

We then spent the next hour talking about knitting, yarn stores in NYC, patterns, yarn. She was frogging one green scarf, but was knitting another one. As she pulled out yarn, I called out, "Is that Koigu?" "That looks like Shi Bui." She told me about her knitting projects--a dress for a granddaughter, the scarves, a sweater. I pulled out my knitting and told her about the Retreat.

The blanket was made years ago and she was bringing it home for some mending. The grandkids keep it in the back of the car for chilly days.

Before we knew it, we were in Penn Station and as we scrambled to put away our knitting, we quickly traded some knitting tips. I guess I really wasn't all that tired of talking about knitting!


minipurl said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Isn't knitting and the people it loops into our fabric of life wonderful?
Happy Thanksgiving :)

stringplay said...

Sounds like a fun way to pass the train trip time. Always fun, isn't it, to discuss other peoples' projects?

Minh said...

Such a cute story!

Lynne said...

Do tell where you hooked up with NJ transit! I ride frequently going in to the city, but I have to transfer at Seacaucus.

Glad you had a wonderful retreat!

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