Tuesday, November 17, 2009

P is for

Parking regulations! ****

Owning a car in Manhattan and parking it on the street is a full-time job.

We have alternate side street parking. One side of the street is "good" on Monday and Thursday--the other is "good" Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday is a free day in most neighborhoods. People double park on the good side during the no parking hours. They read, listen to music, sleep in their cars until about 15 minutes before the time is over. They then have first crack at parking on the bad side--which will be the next good side.

Got that? And don't forget that the good and bad days and times vary every few blocks.

And don't dare park by a school.

The pro parkers know all about free parking holidays.

And the smartest New Yorkers--like the hubster and me--don't even bother with a car. We rent one as needed. I'd have to give up knitting or cleaning and cooking to keep track of parking a car.

****Still trying to catch up with the ABC Along. YIKES! "Q" is next. My ABCs focus on NYS/NYC things.


stringplay said...

A Perfect Post for P! So fascinating. So confusing. I think you are quite smart to not bother. But I suppose if you did have a car you use the double-park waiting time to knit!

minipurl said...

Yep...you could just sit in your car and knit! (speaking from experience here!)
Sure sounds as though it's a good idea to NOT have a car.
I love this post, but I could've sworn "P" would be for pizza. Yummm.

Susan said...

I can't even imagine the horror of a car in NYC especially since I have never been able to master parallel parking.

Iron Needles said...

I was in Manhattan once, just a few years ago, driving a rented car. Now I come from out west, and the experience was truly different! Exhilarating, too, but parking is much much easier where I come from!

EileenNY said...

Q can be for Quick! Everything in NY is quick!

Loved all the previous ones. Even John and I play parking musical chairs when we're in town.