Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Hat!

One of my many sisters-in-law is the owner of a wonderful boutique in Marblehead, MA. Kathy has owned the Bus Stop for 35 years this March--that certainly says something about her excellent taste and her business savvy.

One of the lines she carries is Anna Shoub--the Hat Junkie. I just love, love, love hats and can't resist trying on every hat on display when I'm in a store.

I especially love, love, love Anna's hats and read her blog long before I knew Kathy carried her hats.

Imagine my surprise the other day when I received a package from Kathy and inside was the Madeline fleece headband.

What's even more surprising is how perfect the headband goes with the (non-knit) scarf/shawl I like to wear in the winter.

Thank you, Kathy! Now I can't wait till the cold weather to wear this gorgeous headband!


stringplay said...

Lovely. And what wonderful hats she makes! I wish I could wear a hat with style. (Heck. I wish I could wear ANYthing with STYLE.) Thanks for introducing me to her blog.

hatjunkie said...

How nice of you. Hope it brings many smiles your way. Happy Hatting,