Thursday, November 12, 2009

O is for

Outdoor dining at sidewalk cafes. ****

Despite the narrow sidewalks, the pollution, the honking of car horns, the whoosh of passing busses, the rumble of trucks, the chatter of passerbys, the shifty looks of street people, the curious dogs -- any street in NYC can feel like a boulevard in Paris.

We've had some very spring-like November weather and New Yorkers, eager to prolong the start of winter, sat down this week to enjoy one more meal, another glass of wine.

Some of these photos were taken late morning when the light was good--but there were no customers yet. Believe me, they were bustling by lunchtime and all afternoon.

****Still way, way behind with the ABC Along. But chugging along. My ABCs are focusing on NYS/NYC.


stringplay said...

Eat, drink, and watch the world go by. The third picture is my favorite. Hope the nice weather continues.

minipurl said...

I love NYC.....thanks for these wonderful pictures.

Susan said...

The weather has been warm! I love eating at those kind of cafes.

Iron Needles said...

You are on a MISSION and chugging along! This is a great O, by the way.

Chris W. said...

Neat pictures. One thing we saw at the outside cafes while in Europe last year was warm blankets draped over all the chairs, which makes dining out in the chilly weather so much easier.